From Our Patients:

"From the moment I walked in I was met with kindness and their smiles. It instantly helped me relax a little. (Scared of dentists) I was in for my 6-mo. checkup although this was my first appointment here. They did more here than my dentist in NY. They also explained to me what they were doing at all times. This was the easiest appointment I have had. (Even though I was still anxious). I will return as needed from here on."
-Asuka Fequiere

"What a great dentist you are... the best dentist!"
-Mrs. Rudder

"Dr. Kim, you are a genius."

"Please accept my sincere appreciation of your amazing work and your whole team's friendly and professional assistance."

"Dr. Kim has been my dentist for a few years now, they always get me on the same day if I have an emergency. Like, for instance, Monday, I had a broken tooth--not anymore!"

"Dear Dr. Kim, Thank you for being our family dentist for all these years. Your skills, kindness, and character had been one of my motivating factors and inspired me to pursue dentistry. I will study hard and hopefully become a role model like you to others someday. Thank you for everything! God bless you and your family."
-Cathy Kim

"Dr. Kim, you are the best!"
-Virginia Cone

"I am lucky you are my dentist."
-Neil Morgavi

"Dr. Kim, you have been taking good care of my teeth and all problems are solved, and my life is so good now."
-Karen Vunkannon

"Probably on of the best dentists around. Dr. Kim is an oustanding dentist. His dental skills are truly remarkable. He is very honest and very likeable. You can't go wrong with this Doctor! Thank you so much for your great work Doctor!"
-Joseph G., Vancouver WA

"Dr. Kim has been our dentist since we've been in Vancouver. He is meticulous and careful as well as a master in fitting any type of dentures, crowns, you name it. He will work very hard to save a tooth and is not quick to do an extraction. He crafted an upper plate for my husband with such artistry and so skillfully made that my husband has not had to use any adhesives with it. In fact, he sometimes has to wiggle it a bit in order to loosen it when he wants to remove it. Dr Kim's staff reflects his high standards. They are skilled, efficient, friendly and very helpful. We would recommend Dr. Kim without hesitation to anyone searching for an excellent family dentist."
-John and Isabel Todd

"Dr. Kim, When I thanked God for the blessings He gave me this week, I thanked him for you. Thank you for your service yesterday... I appreciate it. ps. Your staff is wonderful and caring and a great joy to know. "
-Linda Lindauer

"Thank you for your service... and your kindly response to my dental needs. As the son of a dentist, I much appreciate your services."
-Bob Boston

"Dear Dr. Kim, Thank you ever and ever so much for your offer. I appreciate all you did and are doing for me. I know you could have corrected my problem... you are a very good dentist."
-Love, your patients and friends, Irene Finley

"My new dentures were a perfect fit in my mouth from the beginning, and are so comfortable after an adjustment of a few sore spots."
-Deborah Kim

"We moved to Idaho Falls, Idaho. Thank you so much for your friendly and professional service over the years."
-Earl & Doris Sims

"I've been a patient of Dr. Kim's for many years. My first upper complete denture and lower partial denture were so beautifully fitted that they stayed with me for 17 years. Normally, dentures should be replaced every 5 years or so, but mine were too much a part of me because they fit so well. I am now replacing them, and my new ones are molded and fitted to be perfect. I recommend Dr. Kim for his patience and beautiful work."
-Theresa Wright